Make use of National Wills Week 2019!

Attorneys across the country will be drafting free basic wills during this year’s National Wills Week, from 16-20 September.

This is an ideal opportunity for you to ensure that your affairs are in order. If your life circumstances have changed recently – if you have married, divorced, started cohabiting with your partner or bought a property, this is the time to deal with your new circumstances, and regulate your affairs.

In the busy rush that is everyday life for most of us, we tend to neglect this important aspect of our lives. Take advantage of wills week, and use the opportunity to think about what you own, and who must get what. Who would you like to be the guardian of your minor children? Who would you like to be the executor of your will? Are there any family members that are financially dependent on you, and need to be taken care of after your death? A practising attorney has the knowledge and experience to advise on all aspect of a will, and to ensure that it meets legal requirements.

Ensuring that you have a valid will will mean that your assets will be left to the persons of your choice, and you can leave clear instructions as to how your assets are to be distributed.

Contact John or Natalie at Scheibert & Associates Inc Attorneys on 021-4220660 or write to, to arrange your appointment for a free basic will. Remember to bring the following with you to your appointment: your ID document and a  list of what you own and approximate value (include personal items you wish to leave to specific people).

Save the dates: 16 – 20 September 2019!